About Hertzsoft

Hertzsoft is a new start-up company initiated on March 10, 2017 with a view to facilitate digital world. Today many companies cost very high for digital services. Hertzsoft intends to provide all their services at very low cost. At the same time Hertzsoft also promises the quality of our product.

Hertzsoft has excellent quality team which not only strive to give best customer services but also works for research within new trending fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Augmented Reality. Hertzsoft also conducts Certified Training Courses, Workshop, Seminars etc. for emerging technologies at very low fees to evolve more IT Professionals regularly.

Our Vision

To facilitate evolve a new digital world with high productivity, peace and globalization of many businesses and to simplify human life with the help of intelligent machines.

Our Mission

To globalize the business of many individuals by the means of internet. To satisfy all our customers by providing high quality services at very low price that too within very short span of time. To enrich IT professional’s knowledge by coaching them from highly experienced and qualified trainers.