Hertzsoft now registered as a Private Limited Company

Hertzsoft now registered as a Private Limited Company

Updates | Dec. 19, 2017 | 98 | 0

      Hertzsoft was started by group of 9 people gathered together in March 2017. Thereafter they started working very hard for growth and success of the company but it was very necessary to register the firm with Registrar of Companies (ROC) under The Companies Act, 2013.

      Hertzsoft finally approached ROC Mumbai and submitted all documents. All the partners mutually decided that 2 of us will become official Board of Directors and company shareholders viz. MR. SAQIB NISAR GHATTE and MISS TAMBOLI TAHSEEN HAROON SHAIKH. Finally, on 19th December 2017, Hertzsoft got registered as Private Limited Company and Hertzsoft Technologies now got renamed as Hertzsoft Technologies Private Limited.

     It is an immense pleasure for all of us at Hertzsoft. Also, we plan to celebrate every year 19th December as “Hertzsoft Day” in our company. Hope the best success for company and it’s future.

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