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Research Domains

Domains of our research work

Artificial Intelligence

Train machine to take decisions on its own.

Machine Learning

Ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Augmented Reality

Combine digital information with the user's environment.

Web Technologies

Means by which computers communicate with each other

System Security

Methods to protect data from unauthorized access.

Natural Language Processing

Analysis and synthesis of Natural Language & Speech.

Recent Research Project

Our projects developed by our own research.

Hertzsoft ChatBot+

Free, Easy & Quick Bot Hosting Service with various templates that can replace humans.

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Research Team

Team which are enthusiast in research.

Saqib Ghatte

B.E. (COMP)*

Maqsood Ulde

B.E. (COMP)*

Faizan Kazi

B.E. (COMP)*

Mohd. Maviya Ansari

B.E. (IT)*